Materials & War
First Edition | Release Date: November 4th, 2018
Material & War is a card game that can be played with two to four players and can vary in play time. It is a strategic game that is quick to learn and easy to play. This card game pits two to four players against each other in three different game modes. Below you can find out more information of these game modes and the different stories behind each. You can read the updates about the game at the blog here!​​​​
Game Modes
Material & War currently has the following game modes. Clicking the name of the game mode below will give you more information on of these scenarios came about and any rules changes. Rule changes can also be found in the Rule-Book.
How much does the game cost?
The game costs $9.99 currently.
How purchase the game?
The game is currently only sold through TheGameCrafter. This keeps down costs for everyone involved. 
What shipping options are there for the game?
You can see shipping methods here
How many players does the game support?
2 to 4 players.
How old does someone have to be to play the game?
Although this game was only tested with adults. The game can be played with a range of age groups. As long as the person in question can understand the rules - that person is old enough to play.
How long does the game last?
Depending on the players and how much luck everyone has, a game could last just a few minutes to forty-five minutes or longer.
Why is there different game modes?
Most board and card games only come with the one set of rules (game modes). When planning this game I wanted it to be as simple as possible but also allow for multiple game modes. That way it doesn't get repetitive as fast.
What is all included with the game?
Included is the fancy tuck game box, game cards (36), a six sided dice and a rule-book.
My rule-book was lost in war. Am I able to get another copy?
Of course! You can check out the link here to get a copy of the latest rule-book.